Amidst the chaos of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China, photos of medical personnel with sore marks left from their protective face masks have gone viral on social media. Bored Panda has already shared the photos that show realities of the medics working in Wuhan—exhausted doctors and nurses falling asleep on the floors of the hospital after gruesome and long working shifts.

This time, the medical staff in Wuhan—the coronavirus epicenter—have taken to social media to share photos of the marks and bruises left on their faces from the protective gear they have to wear round-the-clock.

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The medical staff in Wuhan have shared photos of the marks left on their faces from wearing protective gear

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The photos, which have left many people emotional, show not only the facial wounds left from wearing the necessary protective gear, but also the physical and mental exhaustion of the medical personnel. The images that were shared on Twitter have widely spread on social media and have successfully revealed the toll that taking care of the virus patients is taking on doctors and nurses.

The photos also show the apparent exhaustion of the overworked staff, who have been treating thousands of patients

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Chinese media reports that the medical personnel based in the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan are currently working nonstop. Many staff members are said to be so exhausted that they fall asleep right on their hospital chairs and floors before getting up to start yet another tiresome shift.

Local media says that the doctors and nurses based in Wuhan are currently working nonstop

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As local media reports, the doctors and nurses have so much to do, they don’t have time to use the bathroom, let alone eat a proper meal. Meanwhile, they also must wear protective gear that is very heavy and tightly secured to help prevent infection. The suits and face masks have left many workers of the hospital with sores and blisters on their faces, as well as their bodies.

Reportedly, the personnel is so busy, they don’t have enough time to eat or even use the bathroom

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The photos of the mentally and physically exhausted medical personnel have been shared on Twitter along with the caption: “Nurses take off their face masks after a grueling shift in the fight with novel #coronavirus, touching the hearts of millions on Chinese social media. Salute to these angels! #EverydayHero”

While also having to wear protective gear that’s taking a toll on their faces

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The photos have spread all over the nation, as well as international media and social platforms, leaving people extremely appreciative of the hospital staff working in Wuhan. “They are heroes!” one person commented. “They are angels, God bless them, noble souls!” another woman added.

The widely circulated pictures left people emotional and very appreciative of the hardworking medics

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As the frustration regarding the virus grows, so does the local people’s dissatisfaction with their government. “We listened to everything officials told us to do,” one Wuhan resident told NPR. “We were so obedient. They said [to] go into isolation, so we sent [my aunt and my mother] into isolation wards. But let me tell you what these wards really are; they are places where you send people to die by themselves.”

Many of whom were calling them heroes

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