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Chineasy: An Easier Way To Learn Chinese (14 pics)
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Chineasy: An Easier Way To Learn Chinese (14 pics)

The Chinese language is considered to be one the most difficult languages in the world.  This is why London-based Chinese-language teacher Shao Lan created Chineasy – a website allowing  people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognizing characters through simple illustrations.

“Being a Taiwanese native now living in London, this is a fact I am acutely aware of. When I began to teach my British born children Chinese, I realized just how difficult Chinese characters are for a native English speaker to learn. It was like torture for my kids! So I spent many years looking for a fun and easy way to teach them how to read Chinese. After years of searching, I realized that none of the methods out there were engaging or efficient enough. So I did what any entrepreneur would do, I created my own method to learn how to read Chinese characters: Chineasy. And you know what? It works.” –  says ShaoLan.

Whether or not you plan to learn Chinese, you’ll love Shao Lan’s clever interpretation of Chinese characters!













The compound for Argument (奻) is comprised of two building blocks for Woman (女). Unfortunately, in the past, Chinese culture did not hold woman in very high regard – you will see this in some of the compounds that use the building block for Woman (女). In this case, two women are unable to be in the same room without starting an argument.


The Phrase for Everybody is a combination of Person (人) + Person (人) = Everyone.


The Phrase for Population(人口) is comprised of Person (人) + Mouth (口) = Population. When we start counting how many mouths need to be fed, we are talking about population.


The Phrase for Volcano is comprised of fire (火) + mountain (山) = fire mountain = volcano (火山).

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