One thing my brothers and I realized when beginning to deal with with our mother’s illness was the burden of limited time. So, this Christmas, we went back in time – with a handful of pictures designed to mimic family photos and childhood memories.

With some objects impossible to track down, exact angles difficult to remember, and short attention spans getting the better of us, some results were clearly better than others. All the same, we were able to collect some of our most precious moments – innocent expressions, silly poses, little milestones – and share them in a format that embodied who we are and how far we’ve come.

We’re fully aware that there are only so many days, so many moments, and so many Christmases granted to us in this life. We spent the past 3 months sneaking away whenever possible, obsessing over hairstyles and poses and outfits and props and editing, because this Christmas, it was time for a reminder: regardless of ticking clocks, we’re all destined to love each other anyway.