You know what they say: some souls are meant to be free. And no matter how bad you’d like to cage them, you simply can’t. Because freedom is written in their blood… Alright, let’s not get too carried away.

But, in all seriousness, talking about free spirits—you could definitely describe this pair of chickens as being such. These two adorable hens who are named Davina and Deidre became true local celebrities by staying true to themselves and refusing to live solely in their coop.

The owner came to terms with the fact that he wouldn’t be able to cage his chickens, so he bought them high-visibility vests instead

Image credits: Louise Reidy

The owner of these two adorable chickens is a man named David Williams and he bought the pair for his 8-year-old son as a birthday gift. Originally, they were planning on keeping these hens confined to their yard. But Davina and Deidre had other ideas…

From the very beginning, Davina and Deidre simply refused to stay in their coop

Image credits: Louise Reidy‎

From the very beginning, it was obvious that the birdies wanted to roam free. “I started off trying to keep them in. But right from the start, they had other ideas—they wanted to be free to go where they wanted,” the owner David told Cambridgeshire Live. “They started their wandering in the summer, when the evenings were still light. But as the nights got darker, we were worried that people wouldn’t spot them if they were near a road or on a driveway,” the owner added.

To keep the birdies safe, the owner bought them high-visibility jackets

Image credits: Jan Bristow‎

The chickens take walks around the neighborhood every day and usually tour the streets of Milton Keynes in the morning and afternoon.

According to Cambridgeshire Live, one resident commented on the local celebrities by saying this: “I love it when they come in my garden and eat the snails that eat away at my plants. They’re doing me a good turn. They’re part of the community now and they brighten our days.”

In case you’d like to buy one of these for your chicken as well, David got his from a company called Omlet

Image credits: Omlet

“We still feed them proper food and people give them all kinds of tidbits. But they enjoy finding food for themselves too,” the owner added. “It must be doing them good because their eggs are amazing.”

Image credits: Omlet

Because of their free spirit and fashionable jackets, Davina and Deidre have turned into local celebrities of Milton Keynes

Image credits: Louise Reidy

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