Remember how everyone used to love those life-size cardboard costumes where you’d stick your head in to have your photo taken? Even though the idea itself has gone cheesy, there’s nothing you couldn’t apply to cats ant not make it cool again. Imgurian eatmytwins and Redditor Chicosley dressed their cats in such cardboard costumes and took some pretty funny shots with their unimpressed feline faces.

Zig-Zag, a cat owned by eatmytwins, poses in an astronaut costume, then as a beef cake, a hot bikini chic and Super Mario, while Chicosley photographed his feline friend in the role of Indiana Jones. “I leave my roommate alone with my cat for ONE WEEK and this is what happens…” Chicosley posted. Well, there could definitely be worse outcomes than having over 1 million views in a couple of months! As long as your cat isn’t terribly against it, all you need is a cardboard box, some markers and a pair of scissors!

Website: eatmytwins, Chicosley