The fact that cats love to squeeze into tight spaces has already been well-documented (here and here, for example), which is why we can tell that cats will love this hilarious cat bed!

It seems like the burger bed saw its first hint at internet fame after it was “reviewed” by Maru and Hana the famous Japanese cats. “I bought this cat bed for Hana, because she is sensitive to cold,” explained their owner. Despite the fact that Maru usually does not enjoy warm beds, he took to this one instantly – much to Hana’s chagrin. Eventually, however, he gave his spot up to Hana and she loved it.

For now, it looks like it’s only available in Japan, which makes sense – the Japanese tend to love their cats and invent all sorts of cool toys and comforts for them. Check it out on Amazon Japan!

Source: | Amazon Japan (via: reddit)