Disney is remaking more and more of its classic cartoons into live-action movies and the newest one on the list is Hercules. Fans of the original 1997 cartoon are full of enthusiasm and are already busy at work creating the perfect cast of actors to play each character.

Some fan favorites include Ariana Grande as Megara and Danny DeVito playing Phil. Which makes loads of sense because he voiced the character in the original. Meanwhile, more than 14k people have signed an online petition demanding that Ariana be given the role of Megara.

Scroll down to see what people thought the ideal cast of the live-action version of Hercules would be and let us know in the comments if you agree with them, dear Pandas!

Disney is making a live-action version of Hercules…

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…and Twitter users have plenty of ideas for what actors should play which characters

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Pain and Panic

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The Muses

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Here’s Hercules and Phil the Satyr from the original animated film

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Joe and Anthony Russo are in charge of producing (though not directing) the Hercules remake. If Joe and Anthony’s last name sounds familiar, you’re right—they’re the filmmakers behind the Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War blockbusters.

Currently, the Hercules reimagining is in early development and we’re not sure when the movie will be finished or released because of the pandemic. It’s also not clear how closely the new movie will follow the original and if we’re going to have lots of great musical numbers. But Bored Panda has reached out to Disney to get some more insights about the new Hercules project, so stay tuned, folks!

You can watch the original Hercules cartoon trailer that came out in 1997 right here

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Disney is doubling down on its live-action remakes: Mulan is set for release on July 24 while The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel, will come out either in 2021 or 2022.

Meanwhile, The Lion King came out last year to roaring reviews in terms of its visuals (though some fans thought it was far from purrfect and didn’t capture the essence of what made the original cartoon great). The remake of Aladdin fared similarly: fans thought it was a great spectacle but lacked the charm of the 1992 film.

Disney also plans to release some other remakes of their original cartoons on their Disney+ streaming service, including Robin Hood, Lilo & Stitch, a Gaston prequel, and an Aladdin spinoff.

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