Usually when you're just binge-watching cartoons you don't really pay attention to the weirdly disproportional bodies of the animated characters. Some have over sized heads, some - squat legs. They really are interesting. Or weird - whatever you prefer. Thanks to an artist from Oregon, Michael Paulus, we can now have a better look at what lies beneath our favorite characters.

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Paulus has closely examined some of television's oddly shaped characters and illustrated their anatomy. The results are awesome! You can purchase these cool anatomical prints on Etsy.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out the anatomy of toys as well.

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#1 Pikachu

Pikachu Report

Andrew Ramirez 1 year ago

My childhood is forever ruined.

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#3 Blossom

Blossom Report

Lizzie Kyle 1 year ago

Well isn't this one a bit creepy.

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#4 Charlie

Charlie Report

Raju Sesharaj 1 year ago

Even charlie brown's skeleton makes me laugh!! Good ol' charlie brown!!

#6 Snoopy

Snoopy Report

Rèdiño - - 1 year ago

My childhood is officially ruined

#8 Dexter

Dexter Report

Maisy 1 year ago

Not at all troll-like...

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#9 Shmoo

Shmoo Report

Ashiya FireHeart 1 year ago

What kind of animal is he?