Thomas A. Edison, the father of the light bulb, once said that in order to invent something ‘you need a good imagination and a pile of junk’. And there are people who tested this approach to find out if that really is indeed the best way to invent something. Something not necessarily useful. Because who says machines must be useful? At least that’s the question that Joseph Herscher, better known as Joseph’s Machines, asks, before turning everything that surrounds him into mesmerizing chain-reaction machines. This time, Joseph has changed the rules of his own game by presenting The Cake Server, the most sophisticated machine that he has created to date. Watch as the insane mechanism unfolds in front of your eyes and Joseph continues eating his dinner.

Joseph Herscher, who goes by the alias of Joseph’s Machines, constructs chain-reaction machines

But this time he has created a machine that is beyond impressive

The machine is called ‘The Cake Server’ and it requires Joseph to sit still and enjoy his dinner

And to take a sip of juice

Because right after

The show begins

And it contains everything, from liquids, moving around in an organized manner

To butter, traveling from table to table by itself

To flying hammers

That they themselves carry even more hammers so they can arrange a Skype call

On a laptop which is not going to survive

Iphones that are about to fall down

To be caught by a baby that appears out of nowhere

Also giant wheels that roll above your head almost causing an injury

Do not seem to bother the inventor, as he patiently awaits

The perfect slice of pie to be served onto his plate without him even moving a finger

His outstanding talent has been recognized outside his dining room as well

Witness the whole spectacle right here

People were either impressed or confused