Even though we live in a world largely run by the beauty industry, it’s certainly not all about diets, fitness, and make-up. Some things have way more depth than any of those conventional beauty things being pushed into our daily routines by the market. Sometimes there’s way more life and beauty in a wrinkle than in a fresh, polished face. Brenda Stearns, Instagrammer and a proud mama of 5, is here to show you that the beauty of womanhood is way more than just a perfect body and that everyone is perfect in their own wonderful way.

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Brenda Stearns is a Mexican-born mama of 5

This mama of Mexican origin moved to the US years ago and started a family by a lucky little accident. She once accidentally texted the wrong number and in a twist of faith ended up marrying the guy behind the phone, Isaiah.

Who recently shared her postpartum belly photo on the Internet

The couple had their first baby back in 2011 and their second a year later. Both of the first births left Cesarean scars on Brenda’s body. She then gave birth three more times in 2014, 2015 and 2018. All of these were natural unmedicated births.

While giving birth to five kids left some marks on her body

The happy family now lives in Ohio, raising and homeschooling their kids there. It doesn’t mean it was sunshine and rainbows all the way there though. Brenda admits she suffered from postpartum depression after her body was not getting back to her pre-baby shape after she gave birth to her 5th child.

She is a strong believer in the beauty of motherhood

Luckily, she then decided to stop focusing on that and accept her body how it really is. “The reality is that my body is strong and beautiful and so is yours,” said she, inspiring other mamas to think positively about their bodies, too. “Abs and flat tummies are great! But have you ever considered that your body literally rearranged its organs to bring another life into the world,” she added.

And says that every mother is beautiful in her own way, despite having scars or not

“There are mamas that will never wear the scars of pregnancy and birth. If that’s you: I want you to know that you are no less of a mother. You are loved, you are strong, you are brave, and you are oh so beautiful!” said Brenda.

Even though she’s been told by some that her postpartum body is not beautiful

To remind herself of the beauty of her motherhood, she took a photo with a card, saying, “Hey mama, you are beautiful” and posted it on social media, saying, “It doesn’t matter what our bodies look like at this present moment — it’s time to celebrate our own beauty!

This beautiful mama spreads the message of positivity, saying there is no such thing as ideal beauty

Despite her positive content, not everyone was happy about seeing her postpartum pictures online. But Brenda just laughed it off and stuck to the most important thing – always remembering that her children don’t see her imperfections, they rather see her as the whole person she is.

Her meaningful messages earned her almost 40K Instagram followers

“They know our hearts and love us unconditionally. And that is all that matters,” Brenda said. These are words to live by in this age of fraudulent beauty. Hooray to this beautiful mama and her wonderful family!

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