We, adults, often forget of so many things we can learn from children. One of those things, that often comes so naturally to them, is being kind and empathetic. Kids just can’t look away when they see someone in pain and do their best to cheer them up. Recently a video went viral showing an elementary school-aged boy, who happens to have Down’s syndrome, consoling his classmate with autism, which reminded us how easy it is to be kind to one another.

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Recently people’s hearts were melted by the adorable video of a boy consoling his crying friend

In the video captured by a teacher at a school in Mexico, you can see a young boy coming up to his crying classmate and wiping off his tears. The big-hearted boy then continues to soothe his friend with a big hug while stroking his hair.

By the end of the video, the autistic boy seems to still be a little upset, but much calmer at his classmate’s presence.

The video already has more than 19 million views and was shared across many social media platforms.

People just couldn’t stop sharing and commenting under the video, after feeling touched by the affectionate moment. This act of kindness especially resonated with those who have special needs kids, as, according to them, it shows something they see every day.

Watch the video below

Here’s how people reacted to the heartwarming video

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