Fish make great pets! They are cute, sociable and have great personalities of their own, while an aquarium can make a beautiful addition to any home.

This guy agrees. He REALLY likes his fish. Addressing the pet store he got his new betta fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish) from, his profanity laced rant, in defence of the fish he felt was grievously disrespected by the staff there, is just glorious.

When he went to Petsmart to pick up his new pet, it’s fair to say he was not impressed with what he found there. And he did not hold back! Perhaps he was still emotional from the passing of his previous best buddy, who described as “fierce AF”. This fish, also a betta, had recently died in tragic circumstances. “Goddamn bladder infection took him too soon man. Too soon.”

We just love to see somebody as passionate about their pets as this guy is, and the fact that he writes in such a hilariously colloquial manner, on the random platform of Craigslist for some reason, just makes it all the better. The lucky fish, so disrespected by the pet store, is now doing great under his care, so it’s a happy ending for all involved! Scroll down to check out his tirade below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This guy went into a pet store to find a new fish, to replace his recently departed best buddy

betta-fish-story-petsmart (9)

It’s fair to say he wasn’t pleased with what he found

betta-fish-story-petsmart (8)

After deciding to buy the fish, he could not help but post this rant

betta-fish-story-petsmart (1)




betta-fish-story-petsmart (5)


betta-fish-story-petsmart (7)

 The lucky fish is now doing great under his care. Just look at her now!

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