Hi friends! Been a while since my last geeky pies posting, but with the impending Star Wars release I thought now was as good a time as any to jump back in the saddle with this BB-8 inspired apple pie (Aside: isn’t BB-8 adorable? Makes R2D2 look like last-season Cosby Show Rudy… Just sayin’).

It took about 3 hours for this one. Hope you enjoy the pics, and as always, leave comments if you have any questions or a suggestion for my next one.

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

BB-8, ready to be… ate

I need a good Star Wars/Force pie pun to go out on… Anyone?

Scribbling out possible concepts

Checking the layout in Illustrator

The hardest part

For those curious about the boring pie part:

Filling was 10 large Fuji apples, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg boiled in a big pot for two hours then hand mashed, drained and chilled for an hour.

Dough was made of 1 cup crisco, 2.25 cups flour, tsp salt, and 6 tsp ice water all hand mixed.

I did an egg white wash over the whole shebang and let dry. Added the filling in at the last possible second before going in the oven (40 min at 400F.)

I am still very lame at lifting the rolled dough off the counter, so I’ve taken to rolling it right onto a floured bit of cling wrap. Seems to do the trick.

Blending the orange coloured dough

This will be the underlayer

Checking ref image when carving bits

Flour is good for laptops, right?

Adding Details

I build the design on cling wrap rather than on the pie so I have max working time without worrying about the pie getting soggy.

Crust trim ornaments

Transfer time

Do the “tablecloth trick” to save yourself some headache – instead of trying to pick your design up, place the whole thing, cling wrap and all, down on the pie and then carefully tug the wrap out from under the design. Learned that the hard way.

Last touch – blueberry eyeball. Ready for oven!