The beloved Barbie doll has her own animated vlog series on the brand’s official YouTube channel and nothing is off-limits. Last week, she sat down to have a difficult conversation with her friend, Nikki. The two of them tackled difficult social dynamics that have been in the spotlight throughout most of 2020.

In the recent episode of “Barbie Vlogs,” Nikki talked about experiencing racism and the scope of this big problem.

Equally compelling as Nikki’s reflections are Barbie’s responses during the video. Throughout all of Nikki’s stories, she remains an active listener and when she speaks, Barbie uses the opportunity to educate her viewers on how her friend’s experiences shouldn’t be brushed off.

The video has already accumulated over 500K views on YouTube and after someone shared a snippet of it on Twitter, it went viral there as well.

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The Barbie YouTube vlog is a commitment by the Mattel company to girls’ empowerment. The original video content allows Barbie to engage with its young consumers while nurturing interpersonal skills and self-confidence. In other Barbie vlogs, for example, she has taught young viewers about gaslighting, over-apologizing and mental health.

“Barbie is championing gender equality to help close the racial injustice barrier girls face through the Dream Gap and this is one way the brand is addressing it,” Mattel told CNN in a statement.

“The goal of [this] episode is to help girls to understand that there is a huge movement going on in the fight against racism, why people are marching together and the importance of reading and learning more about Black history,” Mattel said.


With over 9.7 million subscribers, the official Barbie page is currently one of the biggest channels directed at girls on YouTube. With their emphasis on educational content, Mattel and Barbie are trying to reach the new generation with consideration and kindness.


“We hope that families watch this together and leverage the brand to discuss a really tough topic with a young child and hope it spurs many more conversations on how girls can support one another, especially leading up to International Day of the Girl this weekend,” the company said.

People really applauded Barbie’s vlogs

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