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This Burrito Baby Blanket Will Turn Your Infant Into A Baby-rito
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This Burrito Baby Blanket Will Turn Your Infant Into A Baby-rito


You know when a baby is so cute that you feel like you could just gobble them up? Corinne Leroux, a creative designer in Vancouver, has just the product for you – an adorable fleece tortilla blanket that will make your infant look like a tasty, adorable burrito (baby-rito?).

This adorable blanket, along with a ton of other awesome creative stuff, is available on Leroux’s Etsy shop, Awesome Sauce Designs. Check her shop out and read on for her answers to Bored Panda’s questions about her work.

More info: Etsy | | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: laughingsquid)

“One of my friends who is a food blogger was having a baby and she was mentioning about how she wanted to dress him up in funny outfits when he was born,” Corinne Leroux told Bored Panda.

“I’m pretty crafty so I was trying to think of something ridiculous and food related that I could make as a gift and the burrito blanket came to me”

“I’ve had nothing but positive responses from the blanket. Everyone has loved it so far. One of the reasons I started to sell it was because I had a bunch of friends request that I make them one after seeing photos of my friend’s baby in the blanket”


“I currently have two new food blankets I’m planning to make. I’m working on a sushi cone blanket and that should be in my shop in a couple of weeks. I’ll be making some ice-cream cone blankets complete with soft serve hats and sprinkles as well”

“I’m a bit of an oddball and I really enjoy creating things that make people laugh so my stuff is generally pretty weird and quirky”

This blanket is available on Leroux’s Etsy shop, Awesome Sauce Designs. We’d like to thank her for talking to us about her work, as well!


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