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30 Days Of My Baby Bunnies Growing Up
User submission
Animals, Photography8 years ago

30 Days Of My Baby Bunnies Growing Up

I am a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For 10 months I have been photographing my bunnies that I adopted. Not only are they adorable companions, they are also great models. The last time I shared some of their photos on the internet, people from all over the world said they loved them. That inspired me a lot and I decided to continue my project. This time I got the chance to photograph these little ones. One month ago, my bunny Tooni had four babies. This was such a wonderful and happy moment for me – it was like a celebration of new lives!

Each and every day from their birth was special to me. Watching them growing up everyday, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet… everything was just so special and magical to me! I thought I’d try to capture those moments and share the happiness with other people. As I already photographed bunnies, this time it was easy to do, and because I was with them from their birth, they are very comfortable with me. I just let them play around and act cute while I keep pressing my shutter.

I hope that these photos will make people happy and put smiles on their faces – and also make them love bunnies more. Bunnies are wonderful animals – they have emotions and compassion like us humans, and I’ve felt it.

I Got You

My Paws Taste Good



Little Angel

The Day Eyes Opened

I Love You

Excuse Me

Smiling Bunny


I Am A Ball

Thank You Lord For Making Me The Cutest

Don’t Go

Want Some Tea?

Don’t I Look Cute?

Oh No!


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