I’m a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. About 7 months ago I adopted two little bunnies and totally hooked on photographing them. They are great models and very photogenic.

Right now this is an ongoing project and I’ve also photographed my friend’s bunnies. I like to make them look like they live in a beautiful and magical world with a touch of humour. I want to bring out their characters, and show that they also have human like emotions.

The most challenging part was to make them pose for me, as bunnies are very sensitive and can get scared very easily. It took so much patience to get one nice shot. I had to be alert and always ready with my camera so that I don’t miss anything.

It’s very important that the bunny makes him/herself comfortable. And when they are the magic happens. I just follow them with my camera, let them roam around, do whatever they want to do. The way they look, wiggle and explore is very adorable and there are lots of photo opportunities.

The most adorable thing is when they clean themselves. Though they do it real quick and it’s very hard to get a decent shot doing that, but I was lucky enough to capture some. I hope to get a yawning shot one day if my luck favours.

I wish to take more photos for this bunny series in future. I want and hope that these photos of my bunnies will make people smile a bit. I saw in some cases how badly bunnies are being treated, and often neglected. In some places they are considered as pests! So I wish my photos will make people love and appreciate bunnies more. After all, this world needs more beauty and cuteness.

Bunny tea

Little Tooni

Thank you Lord!

Flower girl

Hello there!

Talk to the butt

In the winter wonderland

I’m the queen

Before I go to bed

Oh Hello!

Unusual friends

The grumpy look

Flower girl

Jack Frost

Don’t I look beautiful?

Where’s Alice


In wonderland