Weddings are magical days not only for the couple but for all the guests who are invited. So it’s not a surprise that couples want to make their weddings as perfect as possible. And by that I mean plan everything, send invites quite far in advance so everybody can come, create a dress code to look like a fairytale and ask guests to follow some specific rules such as, for example, not bringing their kids.

Because as you may understand, kids may bring a little chaos to the celebration, or somebody needs to always look after them and not fully enjoy this magical day.

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Requests at weddings, such as not bringing kids, apply to everyone, no exceptions

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Woman is furious after, despite clear instructions sent 2 years ago about her child-free wedding, one of the groomsmen still requests different treatment

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2 months before the wedding, the groomsman started asking about a kids’ meal and highchair and said that if his baby can’t come, then he also can’t

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Her fiance went nuts that his wife-to-be won’t allow his friend to come and called her selfish

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She listed quite a few incidents from a recent BBQ with his baby as proof that she is not going to change the rules for her wedding day

One Reddit user shared her story to one of its communities after she got in a fight with her partner about their upcoming child-free wedding. Well, to be more specific, ranted about one groomsman’s insistence on bringing his baby. The post received quite a lot of attention as now it has over 3.2K upvotes and 361 comments.

The author starts her story by saying that she doesn’t hate babies but she doesn’t want them in her vicinity. Following this, she and her partner have been planning their wedding for 2 years and specifically said in invites that no kids are invited, no exception, reminding guests to not forget to book childcare. However, 2 months before the wedding, one of the groomsmen started asking about kids’ meals because if his kid can’t come, he will not come either as nobody can babysit.

Well, the woman wasn’t planning to budge. However, once her partner found out, he was furious that she wouldn’t allow his friend to come to the wedding. She reminded him of the few incidents that happened at their BBQ with this kid, so what would be happening during a whole day indoors is even scary to think about. She was called selfish and inconsiderate; however, it’s her wedding and she is not planning to negotiate.

Community members backed up the woman and discussed that the groomsman is being a jerk in this situation as he was informed in advance about the wedding rules and the partner has no right to be mad at her. “Why isn’t he mad at his friend for not getting childcare?!” one user wrote. “Do not back down. Best decision ever was our child-free wedding,” another encouraged.

Additionally, Bored Panda got in touch with Jhona Yellin, who is an editor and writer at Bespoke Bride, and she kindly agreed to share her insights about effective communication between couples, considerations when thinking about whether to include kids in one’s wedding and how to find a compromise when the couple’s opinions differ.

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So, according to Jhona Yellin from the wedding blog Bespoke Bride, effective communication between couples during the wedding planning process is practically the holy grail of matrimonial harmony. “Picture this: you and your partner are like a dynamic wedding planning duo, the Batman and Robin of event organization. Your superpower? Communication. Seriously, it’s crucial!”

She shares that she has seen couples who can read each other’s mind during the planning process and that’s basically like witnessing a magic show! However, it’s important to note that not all couples are like this. “Some are more like Abbott and Costello, fumbling through misunderstandings and miscommunications. That’s where the importance of effective communication shines.”

So when couples openly discuss their ideas, desires and expectations, it paves the way for smoother planning, less arguments and a happier wedding day. 

Moreover, speaking about kids at weddings, Jhona says that they’re little bundles of joy and chaos all rolled into one adorable package. Thus, including kids on your guest list can add a sprinkle of cuteness, such as ring bearers and flower girls stealing the show with their pint-sized charm.

However, it’s important to not forget that kids can also be unpredictable like little tornadoes. “They might toss petals with enthusiasm one moment and have a meltdown the next. So, consider your venue and the patience of your guests. Are you ready for a symphony of giggles and squeals, or do you prefer the soundtrack of adult conversation?”

Now, speaking about the situations where you find yourself on opposite sides of the fence regarding kids at the wedding, it’s important to compromise. “It’s like a dance-off where both partners take the lead, stepping towards each other until you find the perfect rhythm,” Jhona emphasizes. It can be to agree to include kids at the ceremony but have a child-free reception. Or create a designated kids’ area with activities and a babysitter.

“Remember, compromise is like the secret sauce in a successful marriage recipe. It’s the delicate balance of flavors that makes your wedding day a harmonious feast for all,” she highlights.

So guys, what do you think about this situation? Was the woman overreacting and being inconsiderate or was it the groomsman’s fault for not finding childcare in time? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Redditors backed the woman up and discussed that the groomsman was in fact being selfish