A Florida woman’s experience of accidentally getting a bit too emotional with a stranger has the internet in stitches. Mary Katherine Backstrom is a parenting writer and blogger whose upcoming book Mom Babble is described as “the messy truth about motherhood”, and she apparently has a knack for stories, as the way she tells what happened while laughing to the point of tears is as funny as the incident itself.

Backstrom rushed to her car after the embarrassing moment to tell the story in a Facebook live video. Judging from the background of her video, it looks pretty warm and sunny in Florida, but Backstrom says she was still feeling Christmas magic in the air as she stopped at a gas station convenience store. She decided to pay it forward and buy the person behind her a soft drink, and when she returned to her car, what did she see, but a kind stranger washing her windshield? She was so overcome with emotion that she accosted the stranger with a hug and started gushing about how much she loves Christmas.

Check out her video about the embarrassing moment

It wasn’t her car, and she had just hugged a man in the middle of washing his own windshield.

Even though it’s bound to be unsettling to have someone run up to you and hug you no matter who you are, we hope the stranger was at least a little amused by her overflowing good humor once he recovered from the confusion.

Happy holidays, and don’t let this embarrassing story discourage you from spreading some cheer if the mood strikes you (but please make sure the other person knows what’s going on and is ready for a hug first!)

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