In a sea of social media influencers, it is hard to carve out a niche for yourself – so it helps to be multi-talented – however, more eyes means more critique. Cristina Szeifert is a Romanian clinical psychologist, certified life and health coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, an ex-model, blogger, and artist according to her media pages, and with her impressive list of accolades, she has earned 33.3k Instagram followers.

While Szeifert’s main profession is as a psychologist, throughout her page you will see photos of her posed beside her finished artworks with captions like, “This is how I start my morning.” Eye-catching as her paintings are, there was something else about her photos that caught someone’s eye.

Cristina Szeifert regularly shares photos of herself painting  – but someone noticed something odd


Image credits: cristinaszeifert


Image credits: cristinaszeifert


Image credits: cristinaszeifert

Reddit users claimed that in every photo of her painting, her palette never changes. (See her response at the end)

Image credits: Zannrael

Other commenters chimed in with other observations that made them question her authenticity

Others found a possible explanation

Bored Panda contacted the artist for a comment

“Well, I am a bit shocked about this ridiculous situation but I will answer to you. I have been an artist ever since I was a small child, graduated art school, and it remained a passion over the years. After art school, I attended university for psychology, opened my first business at the very early age of 22, and start modeling at a high level in Italy. Over time, I restarted my passion for painting, especially in the last year. After I finished a painting, I would post the final result on my Instagram page. I like to photograph myself looking perfect so obviously, the pictures with my paintings are done with clean clothes and with my make-up done. I have beauty businesses and am a model for many women, so this is the reason I like to have a good image on social media. I painted a lot in my early years, ages 18-20 and was even an art teacher for kids from an orphanage in Romania (for free, of course). I posted my art pictures to try to motivate people to follow their dreams and not to abandon their passions as I did. I never expected that people could be so irritated because of my clean look. The palette [in the photos] was probably used as an accessory in a few pictures, and I use an acrylic paint that is washable so it looks similar in many pictures. I paint as often as I have time for. I have a busy life but I like to create things and painting is relaxing for me. I am proud to paint and I will keep this passion for the rest of my life.”