GIF Artist Chris Timmons has created plenty of bizarre and hilarious GIFs, but following the 2016 election, he definitely had presidents on the brain. “So many people couldn’t believe Donald Trump was going to be our president, and it got me wondering, who were all the other guys who had occupied the Oval Office,” Timmons explains.

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Other than Washington, Lincoln, and a handful of others, how many American presidents can you even name? And could you pick them out in a police lineup?

“I’m always impressed when artists take on daily GIF challenges, and I figured what better way to celebrate summer than to lock myself in a room and animate presidents day after day,” says Timmons.

He kicked things off with George Washington on June 1st and hopes to finish up with Trump on July 15—assuming there’s no last minute addition. The daily creation of GIFs has been intense and perhaps has inspired the brilliant insanity of his recreations. How will it all end? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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