I am a Sydney based artist with a fascination for Bromeliads. As a plant group, they have so much variety and outrageous colours.

My paintings are large and colourful and often include a cheeky little critter that I’ve discovered in my garden. I have quite a range of Bromeliads growing in my backyard, they are the perfect plant – when placed in the correct position for sun exposure, they thrive on neglect!

They are also fascinating to paint as they have so many textures, shapes and unusual flowers. I prefer the Atelier Interactive Acrylic paints as I can rework them to get the blended effects of the plants. View my artwork on

More info: artbyelly.com.au

Preying in the Bromeliads


Bromeliad Oasis 1 (Diptych)

Bromeliad Oasis 2 (Diptych)

Botanic Gardens Bromeliads


Bromeliad Rendevous