There are a lot of discussions about whether the involvement of technology in what seems to be every tiniest aspect of our daily lives is okay or not. But when something like this happens, it sure gets all the praise and no one blinks an eye about whether that’s too much of involvement. And how could you when a life has just been saved. The life of an American man named Bob Burdett in particular. His son recently shared a message on Facebook that deserves everybody’s attention. Scroll down and take a look at it!

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Apparently, technology saved one man’s life after he fell off his bike and became unconscious

Bob Burdett was biking in Riverside State Park in Spokane, Washington and was apparently just about to meet his son when he fell from his bicycle and hit his head so badly that he fell unconscious for a while. Even though he wasn’t capable of taking care of himself at the moment, the tragedy was averted because of technology stepping up to his aid. The Apple Watch that he had on his wrist noticed the fall and immediately contacted people on his emergency contact list, providing them the map to his exact location. Furthermore, it contacted an ambulance and updated his emergency contacts about Bob’s whereabouts after he was taken to the hospital.

Here is the story told by his son who got an emergency alert from his dad’s watch

After the fall, Bob Burdett’s Apple Watch sent messages to his emergency contacts

Bob’s son Gabe Burdett was one of the emergency contacts that received the message sent by the smartwatch and took it to Facebook not only to praise the technology that saved his father but also to alert people and encourage them to set the emergency alarms for themselves as well.

And also contacted an ambulance, providing them with the exact coordinates of the injured man

He was also sure to notify anyone who was concerned that his father is doing fine after the fall. All the x-rays gave the all-clear for Mr. Bob.

Leading to Mr. Bob being taken care of right in time and the story having a happy ending!

The fall detection alert can be set only on Apple Watch Series 4 or later. If the hard fall is detected while being worn, the watch taps the wearer on the wrist and displays an alert. You can dismiss the alert by telling the watch ‘I’m OK’, otherwise it will call emergency services and send off the messages. If the watch detects the person wearing it was idle for more than 30 seconds, it sets off an alarm so that people nearby can hear it as well.

People on the Internet rushed to set their emergency alarms as well