People often like to say that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Well, while the quest for knowledge is always a noble one and it’s always better to ask than remain in ignorance, sometimes you’re going to get the kind of answers that your query deserves. This plea for recommendations put forward by the father of a 2-year-old is a perfect example.

The boy, Jericho, is unvaccinated. Warning sign right there. Apparently, this intrepid toddler loves to stay outdoors, roaming the plains and having such adventures that coming home for his curfew is an almost impossible shackle on his freedom.

Clearly, the answer to this nomadic nipper’s uncontrollable wanderlust is to move his bedroom outside. Perhaps then he will befriend a family of wolves, who will take him into their pack and teach him the ways of the wild, living forever vaccine-free and truly as nature intended.

Oh, but he really likes yellow. Does anybody have any yellow outdoor furniture for him to sleep on out there?

It’s fair to say that people were incredulous, and responded with some hilarious and savage comments. Some took aim at the poor boy’s name, which kind of suits the holier-than-thou organic natural spiritual vibe this family gives off.

Others couldn’t help but wonder who poor REBECCA is, perhaps a common-sense neighbor who dares to ‘debate’ their lifestyle choices. What business is it of hers if little Jericho is wondering around unsupervised and unvaccinated, anyway?

And people couldn’t fail to notice that, for a two-year-old, little Jericho is remarkably advanced in his wanderings. As many were quick to point out, how does he understand his curfew? Has he learned to tell the time by the position of the sun? Does he wear a watch? Pretty sure when I was two I wasn’t able to understand much more than where the milk was coming from.

Of course, there were the usual savage anti-vaxxer jokes too, but for me the real winner was the last one. The irony is strong and it makes for a putdown of biblical proportions.