One of the nicest and surest ways to flatter a person is to compliment their eyes, but have you paid much attention to the eyes of the animals? Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan (previously here) created a gripping Animal Eyes close-up photo series, which is a truly eye-opening experience! His pictures reveal the sort of vibrant colors and intricate details that would even make for a beautiful poster, and seeing something that’s hidden from the naked eye is always the beauty of macro photography.

Along with the Animal Eyes, Suren also studied a human’s gaze in the Your Beautiful Eyes series, but he doesn’t limit himself to photography only. Suren is also keen on sciences, such as physics and astronomy, and plays 5 musical instruments! Check out his photos and then try naming the eye color of your family members from the top of your head!


Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

Husky Dog


Siam Cat


Nile Crocodile



Now, check out Close-Ups of the Human Eye

Extreme Close-Ups of Animal Eyes