Do you ever get so bored that you start braiding your pets' hair? Or do you just do it from time to time to make them prettier?  It is always fun to cover your beloved cat or dog in braids.

Share the most creative hairstyles of your pet!

#1 Doggy French Braid

Doggy French Braid


sctntxtn13 3 years ago

Hahahahaha thats awesome!!

#2 Beautifully Braided Horse Tail

Beautifully Braided Horse Tail

Stefani Report

emilykloos 3 years ago

Nice view while doing the braid!;)

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#3 Braids With Roses

Braids With Roses

Svetlana Petrova Report

#4 Beautiful Black Horse Hairstyle

Beautiful Black Horse Hairstyle

Svetlana Petrova Report

#5 Creative Cat Fur Plait

Creative Cat Fur Plait

ijustwantmycatandmycouch Report

sctntxtn13 3 years ago

Looka like a mythical creature with wings..

#6 Horse Braid

Horse Braid


MelindaStewart 3 years ago


#7 Long Horse Plaits

Long Horse Plaits

James Winegar Report

#8 Braided Maltese Dog

Braided Maltese Dog

Gabby Report

#9 My Girl Sha Nay Nay

My Girl Sha Nay Nay


Lucina Sandoval-Gordon 2 years ago


#10 Dog Got His Back Braided

Dog Got His Back Braided

solo9999 Report

PixelPixie 3 years ago

Wouldnt that pull and hurt the dog when it moves??

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#11 Fancy Cat Braid

Fancy Cat Braid Report

#12 Ready For The Show

Ready For The Show

Westminster Kennel Club Report

MauraHagarty-Bannon 3 years ago

Not a happy pooch

#13 Just After The Hairdresser

Just After The Hairdresser

GizmoHappyKitty Report