The beach is perfect for lazy people. You can just lay there and do nothing while soaking up the sun. But we all know that it can get boring really fast since who can even lay down for that long without pulling out their phone or a good book? The problem is, there are very limited ways of how you can get comfortable without interrupting the tanning process, especially if you want to get a perfectly brown back. So how’s this for a solution – a lounge with a face-hole cutout in it?

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Just think about – how great it is to lay on your stomach, face down and scroll through your social media feed with barely any effort.

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With a lounge like this, you can even get caught up with that summer reading you’ve been planning to do for so long. Love the idea? Amazon got you covered!

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Probably the most attention-grabbing lounge right now on Amazon is the “Ostrich Lounge Chaise”. And for a very good reason.

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It provides you with a one of a kind feature of getting that perfect tan on your back without having to jam your face against the lounge.

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The lounge in question solves this problem with a cushioned hole that fits your face followed by additional holes to put your arms through.

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Let’s face it. You need to get out in the sun to get that vitamin D, and for around $43, you can do that in great comfort.

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While many people have called the chair a brilliant idea, over 2k reviewers on Amazon gave it 3.4 out of 5 stars with some of them complaining that the chair is hard to put up and is not long-lasting.

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