Singles today have plenty of options when it comes to online dating. But in a time of same-day delivery, who has the patience for swiping left and right? Or even worse, scheduling a date?

Enter Amazon Dating. The website brings all the conveniences of a Prime subscription to everyone who’s seeking instant romance. Just pick the person you’d like to smother with love and order them as you would any other product.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s probably because it isn’t. Even though the website and its UX look almost identical to the legit retailer, it’s actually a satire created by a group of friends who take their jokes too far.

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Amazon Dating was set up by a team of creative minds from a wide range of fields, including director Ani Acopian, music producer Suzy Shinn, director/animator Morgan Gruer, and developers Pasquale D’Silva and Jacob Bijani.

The listed “products” on the website are all friends of Shinn and Acopian. However, Amazon Dating has received over 10,000 applications to be featured on the menu since its launch. The creators said they’ll continue adding new “listings” in small batches.

People who desire to be on the site can apply by submitting their name, Instagram handle, a short description of themselves, and a photo. Each listing includes the single’s ‘love language’ — 29-year-old barista and famous TikTok user Amy specified hers as ‘words of affirmation.’ The offers also come with a price tag and the ability to change the “product’s” height.


Be sure to visit the website and click around to discover the fun Easter eggs they’ve hidden!

If customers aren’t sure about a particular “product”, they can read its reviews


Image credits: aniacopian

People really enjoyed scrolling through the parody website

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So the developers even answered the frequently asked questions