Seeing with the image-makers eye is at once both an act of being present and yet distant from a particular point of view. In bearing witness to each discrete world, an observation emerges; in every individual situation, there is something shared. Despite the singularity and isolation of these bodies in space, in the sense of the infinite, they too are universal within the gaze of the lens. Each picture, each person, each place is simultaneously more real and meaningful than the rest of us can know, yet as equally relate-able as our own existence.

Space in its cosmic and surrounding forms, is infinite. We are finite. There comes a realization to you are irrelevant, yet essential, all at once. The center of your own universe. Hopeful angst. Alone together.

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Opera House, Guangzhou, 2010

Lavender Fields, Tasmania, 2017

9/9A Aungier Street, Dublin, 2015

Otways National Park, 2017

Great Wall at Dawn, China, 2010

GASP!, Hobart, Tasmania, 2017

Michael Faraday Memorial, London 2017

Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 2016

SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, 2017

One Central Park, Sydney, 2017

Science Building, UCD, Dublin 2017

Clontarf at Dusk, Dublin, 2013

Binalong Bay, Tasmania, 2017

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, 2017

UK Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, 2010