When you think about ceramics you usually imagine something heavy and massive but it’s not the case with Elena Zaychenko’s works. She says, ‘I wanted to try things out and to show that the ceramics can be airy, gentle and joyful, with some thin realistic flowers and lacy patterns.’

Of course, she couldn’t go without classic forms such as vases and plates but the majority of the artist’s works were made in the rope technique with beautiful floral motifs. Elena adapted a lot of different methods to find her own way in the art. ‘The most important and exciting part is to create a design, to define the sequence of actions. Ant the most thrilling is to realize that everything is done according to the plan, to watch separate parts making the whole new thing,’ explains the craftswoman. She says that the best atmosphere for the creation process is to stay alone and listen to ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’ audiobooks.

Elena admits that she likes challenges: the smallest thing she’ve ever done is the bell with a canary — it’s height is only 7 cm, and the biggest one is the luminaire bowl with the diameter of 40 cm. But whatever she is working on, she sticks to the Seneca’s words: ‘All art is an imitation of nature.’ And I think that Elena gets it right.

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