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Aedyn Jak Art From His Books
User submission
Art2 years ago

Aedyn Jak Art From His Books

I am a multimedia artist with a deliberate focus on poetry and short stories which I combine with my own visual art. Over the course of the past few years I have created (almost) 4 books. The art in my books ranges from ink illustration to illustrated photography. I have 3 published works so far, these are; ‘Disquiet Milk’ (2015), ‘Magic Rope’ (2017) and ‘PostHuman Blaze’ (2018). I am currently finalising my 4th book ‘In Communion with Gods’ and look forward to seeing it in print Autumn 2020.

Aedyn Jak’s style has been described as psychological varying between themes as modern gothic, futuristic, mythological, surreal, digital, even spiritual. The art below can be found in my books, generally alongside poems or short stories, which are meant to delve my audience deeper into the image before them. I like using various artistic styles as you will see below, from realist to naive, from the absurd to the purely imaginative, always hoping it resonates with people.

Aedyn Jak is my pen/art name for these works (I am also known as Jon Aedyn King).

More info:

Magic Rope

Golden Thread

Pale Green Line (Seed to Soul)

I Dream of Robot

State of Impossible Control

Does that Jealousy Pinch?

Pitying the Dead

Disquiet Milk

The Girl who Baited (Weevils)

PostHuman Blaze (Exquisite Human)



Let’s Take the Test


A Small Light

Beaufort Gulch


Juna Nail Salon



Illustrated self-portrait (2017)

Sketchy Mountain

Wooden Perch

Snow Man’s Land

Eat the Corrupt, Sweety

Owl & Cat

Porno Queen

Bloody Sick of Yawning

Picked Apart

Flea: Queen of the Sheet

Red Bread


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