This single dad was faced with a relatable challenge: what to wear on a first date? First dates are intimidating on their own, let alone facing the dilemma of finding the right outfit to impress your date may also seem like a daunting task. Therefore, usually, in such cases, people turn to their loved ones for a piece of advice and that’s exactly what this Texan did. Jeff Saville – a single dad of four daughters – texted Carli, his 19-year-old daughter, for fashion advice. Little did they expect that the exchange quickly went viral and made Jeff internet-famous.

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This young woman shared her exchange with her dad who was getting ready for a date

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“Life with a single dad, asking for advice on dad outfits,” she wrote. “My heart.” The 19-year-old Texan probably did not expect her tweet to blow up as it did. But it amassed nearly 6k retweets and 168 thousand likes.

Jeff wanted to look his best for the first date so he asked one of his four daughters for advice

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The photos posted by Carli show her dad trying on two different shirts, with him texting “Hello” each time his daughter, presumably, took too long to reply.

She posted their messages on Twitter and it soon went viral

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People found the exchange between dad and his daughter absolutely adorable. Someone tweeted, “He is Twitter’s single dad now, protect him at all costs,” and “This is the face of a man who deserves some happiness. Going to such effort and not scared to ask for advice. When I grow up, I wanna be just like him.”

However, it turned out that Jeff unfortunately got stood up

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When someone wrote, “Dinner on us if he brings a date,” Carli replied, “Considering he got stood up, I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear it!!” The fact that Jeff got stood up wasn’t sitting right on many people. “Whoever stood him up is going to hell,” someone even tweeted.

People were mad about it

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And some even started offering Jeff to take their single moms on a date

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We sincerely hope that Jeff is happy about his newly-found Twitter fame and that he’ll find his ‘queen’ in no time.