Angus was a stray who showed up at my husband’s work. He lived under a dumpster for six months (through the wettest, coldest winter we’ve had in a long time), before they could finally coax him out with food.

The day my husband text me about him to try to find a home for him, I went to pick him up. First, we took him to the vet to check for a microchip. When there was none, I spent several days checking lost pet signs, groups, and rescues. No one came forward so we tried to find a new home for him. But by that point, it was too late. He was ours. Now, he’s chipped, collared, and immunized.

Angus is a rumpy riser manx cat. He’s always content and smiling. My dog and other cats have accepted him and he loves to go hunting in the large field behind our house with our other boy cat at night. We love having his sweet personality in our family and can’t imagine letting him go!

Good morning!

His brother from another mother

That look he gives

Even after a bath, he still smiles (He’s had several, he was filthy!)

Afternoon scratches

Good dreams


And often the tongue

So far, he’s brought home three mice, one large moth, and a leaf to share with us

Happy as can be


Accepting of the crazy five-year-old

Good morning! Will you get my breakfast?

That looks delicious…

Lazy afternoons

My chair is now his chair


They share everything


Time for dinner?

Another nap

A common sight. He loves to be touched