Barnaby and Stoche have been sleeping side by side ever since they were adopted by redditor whitedevilwhitedevil. The brothers love spooning and can get real creative when it comes to sharing the same hammock which they have outgrown!

“These two are my first pets since I lost my first cat about 9 years ago,” writes whitedevilwhitedevil. “It’s a tough choice adopting them when you know you’ll eventually have to let them go again, but the little life’s worth of love is worth it.”

(h/t: whitedevilwhitedevil)

“We adopted these brothers when they were very young”

“And they rarely slept far apart from each other”

“So we got them a cat hammock”

“They both fit into it fine at first…”

“But then they got bigger”

“And now it gets a little crowded”

“Sometimes they look pretty comfy”

“Sometimes not so much”

“But they usually make it work”

“They don’t always sleep in the hammock”

“But they usually end up sleeping together wherever they are”