Zebedee Management is a new agency that has been set up by Zoe Proctor and Laura Johnson, their aim is to see more disabled people represented in fashion and media.

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"It’s been an incredible, exciting and exhausting few months for us, from us having this idea up to today we’ve cast 100s of hopeful models, taken thousands of photograph’s, travelled the UK, met some inspiring individuals, laughed a lot… cried too, been on such a learning curve (that’s still pointing up!), Been nominated for a national award, had our first cover girl (Sara)!"

We have met people born with a disability and others who are recently disabled, we have paraolympians, ex servicemen and woman, people who are amputees due to accidents, a whole host of interesting, diverse and courage people who never thought that they could be given the opportunity to do something like this.

Zoe and Laura are going to be putting forward disabled people forward for mainstream campaigns in the hope we can start challenging the industries beauty ideal.

Every person we represent IS beautiful and confident in their own skin so why shouldn't they be given the opportunity. Disability is often a 'token' gesture in the media 'a box ticker' we want it to be the norm. We are always on the look out for new models and we represent all ages, all abilities, all races and ethinicities and we are determined to make this work for everybody involved.

More info: zebedeemanagement.co.uk

#1 Super Cute Baby Model

Super Cute Baby Model


Theresa Wilson 11 months ago

Such a precious little man. I'm sure he'll bring enormous joy into his parents' lives.