This heartwarming video of dads surprising their LGBTQ kids on the morning of Pride to bring them to the parade has been viewed over 5 million times in the past 5 days. Each dad had a simple but powerful message for their child, that they are proud of them.

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Perhaps the most touching story is of Michael and his dad, Des. Des explains to camera ‘8 months ago, she told us she was going to be trans and 2 months ago she said she’s changing her name to Michael and from now on she was going to be he.’ Des surprised Michael on the day telling him ‘I always told you I was proud of you and I always told you I was going to support you. Let’s go to Pride son.’

The whole internet is basically in tears and can’t cope with how loving and sweet these dads are. They are a beautiful reminder of the power of love and acceptance. Tissues at the ready…