Not able to walk on her own feet anymore or go outside due to her limited mobility, Edna Vicentini Alves decided to enjoy her time by sitting at home embroidering a wide range of items to help animals in need.

The 91-year old Brazilian has been donating not only her work, but also all the embroidery material to help sponsoring projects for neutering and feeding cats and dogs; educating people, and promoting adoption. She has already sold over 200 embroidered items.

Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she gets her daughter to help her by buying all the materials needed for embroidering. Her granddaughter, who lives in Toronto, takes the embroidered items and sells them to friends and animal lovers in Canada.

Along with Zen, her cage-free cockatiel, she spends around 10 hours per day creating new embroidery patterns and making sure that colors are well matched.

Edna at home

Lace detailed face towel

Dish towels

Dish Towels