Want to dress like your favorite Stranger Things characters without supporting fast fashion brands? Have a scroll through my Stranger Things season 3 copycat outfits and get inspired to recreate those retro looks for pennies from your own wardrobe and local thrift shops too!

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The CEO of Scoops Ahoy

This is my absolute favorite Stranger Things copycat outfit and will most certainly be in my regular wardrobe rotation from now on! As Steve and (new character) Robin work at Scoops Ahoy in the Starcourt mall I thought it would be fun to try and recreate their uniform, little did I know that I had the perfect Scoops Ahoy CEO outfit in my vintage clothing stash! I already owned every piece of that amazing ensemble, including that adorable ice cream patch – check out that ship wheel zipper pull on my jacket too!


This season finally lets Eleven’s colorful, fun style shine through! I put together my version of this retro look from vintage items I already owned + a $2 thrifted shirt & DIY hair scrunchies.

Joyce & Hopper

This is such a perfect representation of Joyce and Hopper’s relationship and was absolutely hilarious to recreate! Both outfits were put together from items I already had lurking about the house and my amazing mustache is simply a combination of mascara and eye shadow.

El’s retro romper

Eleven’s groovy playsuit/romper was actually recreated by a fast fashion box store and was instantly sold out online. I scored mine for $2 at my fave charity shop a couple of months ago.

Max Mayfield

Max’s casual style is pretty easy to copy from your own closet. I recreated this look for free using items I already had in my wardrobe, including that heavy old suitcase! (Create the perfect pair of cut-off jeans with the easy tutorials over on my blog.)

Nancy Wheeler

In season 3 Nancy Wheeler has an uncomfortable story arc that many women will relate to, fortunately, she’s also able to triumph over her adversaries. I scored my amazing, original 80’s, button neckline dress for free from a clothing swap.

El’s suspenders

You truly can’t get any more 80’s than high-waisted trousers, bright shirts, suspenders, and scrunchies! I put together my version of this retro look from items I already owned + a $2 thrifted shirt & DIY scrunchies upcycled from scrap fabric.

Billy Hargrove

Although Max’s brother Billy is definitely a villain he has, thankfully, been given a backstory as well as some redeeming qualities this season. I recreated this outfit for free using items I already had in my wardrobe + a bit of eye shadow and liner.

Karen Wheeler

Anyone who grew up in the ’80s knew a mom like Karen Wheeler. Good-hearted, stylish and a face painted with the latest bright cosmetic fad concealing the touch of sadness behind her smiles. I once again managed to put together this look for free from items I already had.