“Your hands can be dangerous.

Wash them with soap and water to keep bacteria at bay.

Do you know what you wash your hands with?

One in every four soap refills is contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.

If it’s Kimberly-Clark Professional, hygiene is guaranteed.”

Well, I actually don’t care what soap you use, but these hand monsters are super cool! Hey, you know what? I would even try Kimberly-Clark Professional just because they have the most creative ad campaign around.

Advertising Agency: Agencia Matriz, Porto Alegre, Brazil | Creative Directors: Roberto Philomena, Telmo Ramos | Art Directors: Jorge Appio, Paulo Moraes | Copywriter: Magali Moraes | Illustrator: Fescher Neoilustracao | Photographer: Raul Krebs | Published: March 2010

Advertising  Agency: Ogilvy  Costa  Rica | General Creative Director: Nicolas Schumacher | Creative Director: Ronny Villalobos | Copywriter: Alonso Cortes | Illustrator: Rodrigo Piedra | Photographer: Ricardo Quiros | Art Directors: Roberto Leiton, Daniel Lopez | Published: February 2010

P.S: we recently found out that WWF also used painted hands in their ads (32 Most Creative WWF Ads)