If you ever worked in customer service, you’ve probably had your share of clients from hell. A popular YouTuber who goes by the name Domics sure did. For a while, he had worked in retail and got to know nearly every type of customer there is.

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YouTuber Domics posted a video about working in retail that contains things which should be common knowledge

Now, after he has spent some time reflecting on his struggles, Domics is doing God’s work — making hilarious videos that show the public what not to do if they don’t want to piss off the entire industry.

And he has dedicated an entire series to it as well. This episode of ReTales focuses on customers who like to start shopping minutes before closing time and it’s painfully hilarious.

Domics, a.k.a Dominic Panganiban, is an internet celebrity whose work proves to be poignant, funny, and painfully relatable. Domics has 6.7 million people following him on YouTube alone and his videos have amassed over 893 million views.

Interestingly, his degree has nothing to do with animation or social media. He’s an architect. “Although I endure four grueling years of the program, I haven’t exactly pursued the career upon graduation,” Domics told Nikki Celis. “I’ve always had ‘Domics’ on the side back in the second year when I was just making silly comics as an outlet for the workload stress. By the time I graduated, I’ve gained a large enough fanbase that I had a choice on whether or not to continue to build it into something more. I then decided to learn animation and here I am today.”

Surprisingly, there are way too many people who ignore stores’ working hours

“I’ve always depended on visual arts as my outlet for emotion and inspiration,” Domics added. “I believe all artists enjoy that ability to create something out of nothing. That passion was what turned me to architecture in the first place. Architecture wasn’t only about designing abstract buildings, but to design appropriately to the human experience. I guess I’m still somewhat doing that now, but only working with my own personal experiences.”

But Domics isn’t all about creating light-hearted videos. “People often consider me the comedic type, always looking at the brighter perspective of things,” he said. “While I may agree, I must admit that it is sometimes a facade I put up for people. Sometimes I like to take a break from holding up that facade and share with people the different aspects that also make me who I am.”

And some even act surprised when they can’t get inside after closing time

There are, however, people who respect retail workers and Domics bowed to every single one of them

Domics said he feels pretty therapeutical after sharing his own personal stories with the public. “I feel it sometimes acts as an act of closure for myself. However, a lot of the personal and serious stories I share, I’ve already moved on and matured from. So when I actually share it with my audience, I don’t do so as a cry for help and advice, but rather as a rhetorical presentation of honest entertainment that’s open to interpretation.”

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