U.K.-based designer Steve Wintercroft has a collection of unique geometrical paper face masks for Halloween costume lovers that can be printed out (for a price) and assembled by you right at home. They’re an inexpensive, creative and customizable solution to that all-important questions – “What should I be for Halloween?”

Wintercroft’s extensive collection of skull and animal masks is good for Halloween, carnivals, costume parties or any other occasion that calls for masks. When you purchase the 3D art mask, you gain access to a .pdf file download that will let you print out and make the Halloween mask yourself. All you will need is cardboard or card stock and the tools to cut out and decorate your new disguise!

Scroll down for some unique Halloween costume ideas and read on for more info about his masks from Steve’s interview with Bored Panda!

More info: wintercroft.com | Etsy | kfearlessphotography.com (h/t: thisisnthappiness, colossal)

A couple of years ago, I received an invite to a friend’s Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas and short of time, I raided the recycling bin and gathered together a pile of old cardboard,” Steve Wintercroft told Bored Panda. “An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself an animal mask

The mask was well received, so I decided to redesign it and make the templates available and accessible to everyone

The low environmental impact of the masks is an important part of the process for me. So the goal was to create a set of masks that could be built by anyone, using local materials, removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping and with the minimum environmental impact

My intention from the outset was to provide the tools needed for other people to create things. What I sell is the process of building and decorating your own mask. The result is something unique and very personal. Those couple of hours spent making something are very precious and rewarding

The masks that people are building don’t belong to me, they are their masks, and that feeling of ownership is important. A mask that you have built with your kids is worth more than anything that you could buy from a shop.

I have been lucky enough to see this in the photos that people have been sharing from all over the world of masks that they have built with their family or friends

I am so grateful for the way that people have responded to my work. People have been incredibly respectful of the copyright of my work and are even helping to protect it against sharing and copyright infringement

I set out with a very open approach to making these templates as accessible and inclusive as possible. With that accessibility, there does come a big element of trust. The more accessible and easy to use something is the more it is open to theft and abuse

I’m currently working on a new set of mask designs for Christmas, and I have a range of other folded card projects lined up for next year