Bored Panda reader Karoline Hinz, a Berlin-based sculptor, prop maker, and costume designer, has graced our newsfeeds with her latest creation – a very life-like sloth costume, that we find absurdly adorable.

Karoline, who works as the prop apprentice at Deutsche Oper Berlin (a national opera house), also does various movie props, creates for music clips, TV shows, private commisions, and is keen in costume design. Since she collaborates with the best carpenters, dressmakers, and visual artists she can turn even the craziest idea alive.

This sloth costume took about eight weeks to come to life – it’s a two-layered padded bodysuit, separate movable extended claw-gloves, claw-slippers and of course the head. The face is silicone with punched hair and glass eyes. Sadly, it was a commisioned work, so it is not for sale, but you can ask Kristine to make you one!

Now, if you’ve ever dreamt of turning into a sloth for a day, this creative costume could definitely make your dream come true — none of the animal costumes that we’ve ever seen matches to this adorable fuzzy beast.

If you’d like to check more of Kristine animal masks and other works, check her Instagram and the official page.