Mist dancing over narrow waters, ice-blue trees in the twilight, and stunning reflections in the stillest of lakes. Lone wolf, Jonna Jinton moved alone to a remote part of northern Sweden to find her inspiration.

Passionate photographer Jonna, left busy city Gothenburg all alone five years ago to unearth her creative potential. With just a small amount of money to her name, she caught the train to Sundsvall where she bought an old Volvo, and drove up into the abandoned forests of northern Sweden. Jonna had no idea how she could afford to live, but she didn’t let this put her off her journey.

Speaking about her experiences, Jonna said: “You have to see opportunities rather than problems. You don’t have to have all the answers from day one. I think of it as a staircase: take the first step and more will be revealed. Things often come good in ways you’d never think were possible. And of course I only had myself to think about, which made it easier”.

Jonna now resides in remote village Grundtjärn, located in northern Sweden, which has a total population of 10 people. Speaking about where she lives Jonna said: “It’s so incredibly beautiful here in Grundtjärn, and I felt that words were simply not enough to describe it. So photography became a natural means for me to convey the feeling of this amazing place”.

Today she makes a living from her photography and artistry, and although at times can be tough financially, she manages to get by.

Jonna’s simple lifestyle, nature-focused art and personal blogs are appreciated around the world, and she has recently created her first wall mural collection for Photowall. The exclusive collaboration with Jonna Jinton has resulted in the wall mural collection The Soul of Nature – beautiful designs that reflect the dream-like nature in northern Sweden.

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