James Breakwell is a father of 4 beautiful girls who is known for the funniest parenting tweets, but this time he touched a more serious note. “It took me 14 years to write this letter,” James writes. “Today I finally mailed it.”

Along with it, he included a signed copy of his book. The very first one. The package was mailed to a person that believed in him, that inspired him. We don’t always get to thank the people that deserve it, but James did a damn good job putting everything into words. Grab some tissues and scroll down to read the touching letter below.

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Comedy writer James Breakwell touched everyone’s soul recently, but not with a joke

He decided to thank a complete stranger after he “got far enough to fulfill a silent promise”

James’ book is already hitting the shelves

And whether or not it becomes a bestseller

There’s definitely one person who will truly appreciate it

After everything was done, over 35K people liked James tweet, admiring his gesture