Dame Maggie Smith is, without a doubt, one of the greatest actress' we know. No wonder she won 2 Oscars, 3 Golden Globe awards, 4 Emmy's, and much more.

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Whether you know her as Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter films, as Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey, or as Miss Shepherd from The Lady in the Van - Dame Maggie is one fabulously amazing actress. To honor her, Bored Panda has put together a list of throwback photos of her. Check them out below and vote for your favorites!

(h/t: hellogiggles)


Image credits: Nick Briggs/Associated Press


Image credits: Warner Bros Pictures


Young Maggie Smith Photos

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Stille20 8 months ago

So much mischief in that face


Young Maggie Smith Photos

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Janine Göbel 8 months ago

She has such beautiful big eyes...

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Young Maggie Smith Photos

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Teresa Brush 8 months ago

She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan when she was younger

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Young Maggie Smith Photos

Evening Standard Report

Rafi'ulfath Riwansia 8 months ago

Lucius, they were partying together back then


Young Maggie Smith Photos

fanpop Report

Katinka Min 8 months ago

love this one. Feisty!


Young Maggie Smith Photos

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Ulrika Tück de Mantel 8 months ago