Some of the cutest couples you will find in modern animated history! Couples like Hiccup and Astrid, Ellie and Carl, and Belle and the Beast have redefined the conformed definition of love. Who is your favorite?

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Shrek and Princess Fiona


The green ogre teaches us a valuable lesson in love; inner beauty is more important than superficial beauty, and it goes much deeper than that. Fiona redefines the definition of ‘good looks’ when she falls head over heels in love with Shrek who’s a gigantic, overwhelming ogre. It’s not until the prejudices break down that they are able to see each other for who they really are, and form a relationship that beats all odds.

Belle and the Beast


This is another love story where love triumphs over physical beauty. Outright incompatible when they first meet, Belle falls in love with the gruff beast, who in reality is a kind-hearted prince held prisoner by an enchantress’ spell. Our beast acts every bit like a prince when he saves the Princess from a pack of wolves and behaves princely at the dining table. Finally, when Belle manages to break the spell, the movie ends quite justifiably with a legendary spin between Belle and the Beast around the latter’s opulent ballroom. You fall in love with someone who would do anything for you and who wants to make you a better person, just as Beauty and the Beast shows us.

Ellie and Carl


If you’ve watched this movie and haven’t shed a tear, then I doubt you’ll agree with my list! The heartbreaking moments when Ellie and Carl are not able to have children or afford an adventurous trip together are some bitter-sweet memories that we take away from the movie. However, they stick with each other, just like any of us, doing everyday chores and lead a fulfilling life. The scene when Carl finds out after Ellie’s death that she considered him her greatest adventure leaves us speechless.

Hiccup and Astrid


Hiccup and Astrid make a perfect case study for the ‘opposites attract’ theory! Hiccup is a lanky, geeky Viking boy and Astrid is a wild, spirited, strong-minded Viking girl. While she is all strength and courage, Hiccup is an epitome of sensitivity. The initial meeting between Hiccup and Astrid is a disaster as Astrid assumes that he is a good-for-nothing young lad who doesn’t have enough courage to successfully slay a dragon. Gradually, however, when Astrid begins to spend time with Hiccup, she realizes that there’s a strong-willed, dragon-friendly, adventurous spirit lying beneath. Together, Hiccup and Astrid make an adorably adventurous couple and remain one of my most favorite animated couples on screen.