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Chalk-drawn Adventures of Sluggo by David Zinn

Meet Sluggo – a green semi-subterranean inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This strange little creature first appeared back in 2008 on a sidewalk, and since then started peaking out of walls cracks, chilling on ledges or doing his daily routines all over the town. Turns out, it was drawn by a local graphic artist David Zinn, using simple colored chalks. Calling himself an “inveterate doodler and a shameless word nerd”, David uses art as a problem-solving tool, even if the problem is a sad-looking street crack.

Besides drawing, David spent 21 years as a theatrical performer, designer, and director with the University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society. That might be another sphere he gets the inspiration for the next location or activity of the green chalk-drawn fellow. Whether he’s tucking leaves under the sidewalks or picking his laundry, Sluggo definitely cheers up the town.


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Author:   Date posted: Oct 9th, 2012
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