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Dad Illustrates Kids’ Sandwich Bags with Fun Drawings Every Day

David Laferriere’s sons never know what they will find in their lunch bag – and we’re not talking about food. For the last 5 years, this Massachusetts-based graphic artist has been drawing whimsical characters on his kids’ sandwich bags before packing them for lunch. Each drawing of the Sandwich Art series is made with Sharpie markers, then photographed and posted on flickr before David’s 13 and 15-year-old sons discover them at school.

“The challenges are coming up with an idea and then drawing quickly and directly on the bag, every line counts,” says David who has already created more than 1,100 lunch bag illustrations. His inspirations come from whatever is happening at the moment: “Could be something we did as a family, a holiday or a day like Ground Hog’s Day. The weather sneaks in from time to time.” His favorite topics, however, are various fantasy robots, monsters or warms. Now that’s a creative way to make sure your kids enjoys their lunch!

Website: | flickr | via: 22words

1,108 bags and counting

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What do you think?

  • Heather Lauren via Facebook

    Jyl Zawislak Ayres

  • Weston Winkler via Facebook

    Ha Ha this kid has to eat a sandwich every day so his dad can color!

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    haha, good point!

  • Frances Brind via Facebook

    What an awesome dad! haha

  • Wendy Reynolds via Facebook

    Wow, I bet all the other parents HATE this guy.

  • mmtobon

    Clever and fun but ecologically unfriendly. 1,108 plastic bags!! Not a good lesson to teach you children. :(

  • Martha Jutton Propper via Facebook

    He doesn’t even cut the sandwiches in half?

  • Elysa Davis Allison via Facebook

    Those are great! I used to do this as well, but my drawings were not nearly as complex

  • Ilina Kay via Facebook

    Love this!!

  • Beee

    maybe they eat too much sandwiches

  • Imperius Lex via Facebook

    Who cares about half-cut sandwiches? These drawings are wonderful. That little kid gets a wonderful memory everyday.

  • Caroline Corsand via Facebook

    Bon appétit!!!!

  • Bart Van Ree via Facebook

    wow, that’s a lot of disposables…. buy a luchbox! ;-)

  • Ramsden Pat via Facebook

    different picture same old peanut butter sandwich!!

  • Tamás Kürti

    Diverse diet:) …but the bags are awesome

  • Marie-Louise Möhr via Facebook

    What an amazing dad- I would have loved him to bits :)

  • Ruby Heart via Facebook

    Cool daddy!

  • Lana Krakovskiy via Facebook

    That’s very cute, but he’d be better off drawing somewhere else and teaching kids about not using plastic sandwich bags that contribute to non-recyclable trash.

  • Erica Chiarkas via Facebook

    My dad did that for us, too…every day on our brown paper lunch sacks. So careless and foolish I was with his outpourings of love…I tossed each one, day after day. I love this cherished collection. xoxo

  • Jyl Zawislak Ayres via Facebook

    All I kept thinking was doesn’t that make the sandwich taste and smell like sharpie?

  • Jody Kafrissen Brown via Facebook

    i think it’s a dorable. when i was a good parent and packed my kids’ lunch, before it wasn’t ‘cool’, i drew on the paper bags in my non-artistic way with sharpies. i love a good sandwich doodle.

  • Kory Rigler

    I think this is really creative and so fun for the child, but I do have to agree with those pointing out that it is not environmentally sound… Maybe reusable bags and washable markers? The cotton bags would probably work fairly well, and then dad could be super cool in multiple ways and teach his kids a great lesson about lessening our footprint at the same time :)

    • k…

      I agree. :D

  • Labête Sauvage via Facebook

    Poor kid he must be so tired of eating sandwiches :P

  • Sal Dali

    I think its an awesome idea — fun for the whole cafeteria !
    the eco thing?
    how about drawing on the lunch bag instead — and recycle that weekly?
    creative kudos to the dad.

  • Kaia Konsap via Facebook

    Wow! Such a cool dad!

  • Azu Chan via Facebook

    If i were his son i would keep all of the illustrated bags. Haha. Its the work of love!

  • Sylvia Lang via Facebook

    These kids will never forget their childhood. What a nice dad.

  • gasdf

    “1,108 plastic bags”… really? That’s what you’re taking away from this? As if this guy is the only parent in the world who packs lunch for his kids using sandwich bags?