Loving your work is already great per se, but managing to erase the line between work and vacation is a next step. A 30-year-old Massachusetts-based art assistant Justin Kemp managed to do this by literally placing his work desk in the beach sand. His “Surfing with the Sand Between My Toes” idea consists of a wooden box that’s got plastic lined on the bottom and is filled with sand. Thus the sandbox gives Justin the feeling that he is actually working on the beach. [Read more...]

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Known as the “the chillest bro in the valley”, Justin gives the best explanation about his unconventional work place: “The sand is relaxing, but for me, its more a symbol of my permanent vacation.  It’s the design of a lifestyle where ‘work’ becomes so satisfying that vacation and retirement become undesirable.  It’s a permanent state of chill.” Brushing his feet, though, could be a good habit to pick up, as Justin says he’s got sand all over his place now. Hopefully he doesn’t own a cat, which could get a wrong idea about the massive sand box in the middle of the room!

Website: justinkemp.com