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More Creepily Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San

With Halloween approaching, many of you are probably looking for costume and make-up ideas. Maybe this Japanese art student Chooo-San, aged 19, could inspire you: her new body paint works started circling the Internet and would definitely pass for an impressive Halloween costume.

As we wrote before, Chooo-San uses only acrylic paint and her talent to transform herself into a mutant or cyborg. Multiple mouths, six eyes or even batteries protruding from her forearms – these are just a few examples of what she can do with a human body.

What started as a way to procrastinate before her university exams (Chooo-San would start drawing eyes and other objects on her hands) has turned into a very characteristic and viral drawings. Probably that’s not exactly what the professors would teach her!


Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San (Part I)

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  • Raspberi via Facebook

    <3 :P

  • Shawntee Crystal via Facebook

    pretty cool

  • Khan Zaman via Facebook


  • Alexandra Nielsen via Facebook

    These are wonderful!

  • Lucie Skořicová via Facebook


  • Russ Ketter via Facebook

    As Billy Idol might comment. Eyes without a Face? Love her art.

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  • Magdalena Kicinska via Facebook

    Love it!!!

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  • Snezana Markovic via Facebook

    Bolesni umetnik

  • Jan Kees Helms via Facebook

    Beautiful surrealistic images..

  • Rhian Jones via Facebook

    I remember seeing this in the news before, they weren’t real tattoos, I think it was a piece on body art. They look so real!

  • Piercing

    OMG that looks crepy! But I like it!! :D

Author:   Date posted: Oct 26th, 2012
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